Let's Get Started

You and I going to raise the bar for geocaching swag, without spending a lot of money. I know the journey is supposed to be the reward, but come on. If you want McToys buy a meal. Hunt micros if you need no tangible reward. I want treasure.
Now let's make some.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grocery List

This isn't swag. It's a puzzle sheet you're welcome to use for the next "unknown cache" you hide. This combines two of my favorite things, food and geocaching, without breaking the no edibles in a cache rule. While wandering the aisles, complete the grocery list to find the final coordinates. Here's a link to the first cache using the list: Food Glorious Food.
Here's a blank list just for you.


Kush said...

To make a geocoin trackable, where do you get a tracking number.

I want to make a coin and make it trackable.

Renzo Tobias said...

Here are two different resources for trackable coins:

Make it yourself: http://www.sigitem.com/

Design it yourself: