Let's Get Started

You and I going to raise the bar for geocaching swag, without spending a lot of money. I know the journey is supposed to be the reward, but come on. If you want McToys buy a meal. Hunt micros if you need no tangible reward. I want treasure.
Now let's make some.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bottle Cap Coins

Start slammin' cold ones this summer cuz bottle caps are the raw ingredient for this round of homebrew geocoins. Throw some bling-bling glitter and custom logos in the bottom of a bottle cap, then fill it with two cc's of epoxy, and cha-ching! instant personalized geocoin. Photos, bugs, sprinkles, candy, and wire are the sorts of mixed media that can be cast into the epoxy. Try googling "bottle cap art" to get more ideas and have fun collecting those caps. Extra tip: You can probably pick up a free 6CC syringe at your local pharmacy if you don't look like a heroin addict (sorry ma).

Bottle Cap: $0.03
Epoxy: $0.06
Mixed Media: $0.01
TOTAL: $0.10

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grocery List

This isn't swag. It's a puzzle sheet you're welcome to use for the next "unknown cache" you hide. This combines two of my favorite things, food and geocaching, without breaking the no edibles in a cache rule. While wandering the aisles, complete the grocery list to find the final coordinates. Here's a link to the first cache using the list: Food Glorious Food.
Here's a blank list just for you.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Project A.P.E. - Collector's Card

What do apes and Jeeps have in common? Geocaching of course. Here's a card to commemorate an all-too-rare promotional event from way back in '01. Show us some love again corporate America; it's been too long! I want Indy Caches, and Cracker Jack Micros, and Survivor Challenge Coins, and Lance Armstrong Endurace Caches, and anything more than apes and Jeeps. Here's the front. Here's the back.
View the complete collection here.