Let's Get Started

You and I going to raise the bar for geocaching swag, without spending a lot of money. I know the journey is supposed to be the reward, but come on. If you want McToys buy a meal. Hunt micros if you need no tangible reward. I want treasure.
Now let's make some.
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Project A.P.E. - Collector's Card

What do apes and Jeeps have in common? Geocaching of course. Here's a card to commemorate an all-too-rare promotional event from way back in '01. Show us some love again corporate America; it's been too long! I want Indy Caches, and Cracker Jack Micros, and Survivor Challenge Coins, and Lance Armstrong Endurace Caches, and anything more than apes and Jeeps. Here's the front. Here's the back.
View the complete collection here.

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