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You and I going to raise the bar for geocaching swag, without spending a lot of money. I know the journey is supposed to be the reward, but come on. If you want McToys buy a meal. Hunt micros if you need no tangible reward. I want treasure.
Now let's make some.
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Waterproof Log Books

I've been making my own waterproof log books for a year now. Two hundred sheets of Rite-in-the-Rain paper ran me $30. So my average 12 page 3"x5.5" log book costs 60 cents and I can publish 50 of them. Of course, all my covers are custom, but here's a generic template for the masses (i.e. all four of you who read this blog). Cover. Lines. Print, cut, fold, staple, and then reinforce the spines like this: Fold a strip of 1/2"waterproof first-aid tape over the top. If the tape's adhesive is lame on the specialty paper add some contact adhesive to beef it up. Practice on cheap paper first and stick with laser printers. Bonus: You can tell your friends you've gone into publishing.

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Steve said...

Nice site. You have some very cool ideas. Thanks for sharing!